FROM TWELVE TO THREE: How to Apply G12 Principles in Your Church

FROM TWELVE TO THREE: How to Apply G12 Principles in Your Church
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How to apply G12 principles in your church: Joel Comiskey has spent years researching the G12 structure and the principles behind it. From 12 to 3 focuses on the application of principles rather than adoption of the entire model. It outlines the principles and provides a modified application which Joel calls the G12.3 strategy.

Peter Banzon writes, "From 12 to 3 is a timely piece of work that will greatly assist those who want to apply G-12 principles for the formation and development of a cellchurch. Joel hits the nail on the head when he cautions against adopting an entire model rather than applying the principles that made the model work. To his credit he takes nothing away from Cesar Castellanos who pioneered the G-12 model of cell church development. He fully appreciates the heart and contributions of Castellanos and His international G-12 network. He gives practical, realistic and timely suggestions for those seeking to implement the G-12 vision in their church situation. Joel is no armchair professor but a practioner who understands and advocates cellchurch principles. If there is a book you need to add to your library of G-12/cell church literature then this one is must reading. Don't venture further with the G-12 vision without it."