Myths and Truths of the Cell Church (PDF)

Myths and Truths of the Cell Church (PDF)
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Most of the modern day cell church movement is biblical, dynamic, and positive. Sadly, errors and false assumptions have also crept in to confuse and lead astray an otherwise healthy movement. Joel Comiskey, in this ground-breaking book, exposes the myths of the cell church movement and then offers positive principles and insights to guide churches and leaders on the right path.

Each chapter begins with a unique insight from a worldwide cell church leader who will share decades of wisdom in working with cell groups. These leaders include: Ben Wong, Robert Lay, Mario Vega, Bill Beckham, Abe Huber, Jimmy Seibert, Scott Boren, Werner Kniesel, Randall Neighbour, Jim Egli, Steve Cordle, and Les Brickman. You will enjoy the insights of these leaders in the cell movement.

This book will help you avoid pitfalls and apply biblical, time-tested principles that will guide you into fruitful cell ministry. Whether you’re starting out for the first time in cell ministry or a seasoned veteran, this book will give you the tools to help your ministry stay fresh and fruitful.

Here are a sample of the chapters:

CHAPTER 1: VISION MYTHS AND TRUTHS Myth: The Cell Church Strategy Is a Mega-Church Strategy Truth: Few Cell Churches Reach Mega-Church Status Myth: The Cell Church Does Not Work Truth: Cell Church Brings Health, Life, and Growth Myth: Cell Church Is a Fad Truth: The Cell Church Has Deep Roots

CHAPTER 2: MODEL MYTHS AND TRUTHS Myth: Following a Particular Model Will Bring Success Truth: Apply Principles to Your Specific Situation Myth: The Number 12 Has Special Significance in the Organization of Groups Truth: The Principles of Evangelism and Discipleship Make Cell Ministry Work Myth: Once You Have a Model, Stick by It Truth: Innovate and Change the Model as the Spirit Leads Myth: Cell Church Focuses Exclusively on the Cell and Celebration Truth: The Cell Church Focuses on Key Systems that Produce Life in the Cell and Celebration Myth: Change the Church by Criticizing It Truth: Let People See It Worked Out

CHAPTER 3: CHURCH GROWTH MYTHS AND TRUTHS Myth: Church Growth Is the Driving Motivation for Becoming a Cell Church Truth: Theology Is the True Foundation upon Which to Build a Cell Church Myth: If I Choose to Become a Cell Church, My Church Will Grow Truth: Only Jesus Can Give True Organic Growth Myth: If My Church Does Not Grow, I'm Not Successful Truth: Success Should be Measured by Faithful Effort, Rather than Results Myth: The Cultural Context Should Dictate the Ministry Strategy Truth: The Bible Critiques What Is Good and Bad in Each Culture

CHAPTER 4: LEADERSHIP MYTHS AND TRUTHS Myth: Leading People into Cell Church Is Similar to Leading People into Other Church Programs Truth: Leading a Cell Church Requires a Different Kind of Leadership Myth: It's Okay to Simply Add Cell Ministry to What You Are Already Doing Truth: A Pastor Needs to Make Cell Ministry the Central Priority Myth: Lead Pastors Need to be Available to Everyone Truth: Effective Cell Church Leaders Delegate Myth: There Are Fewer Problems in the Cell Church than Traditional Ministry Truth: Cell Church Ministry Reveals Problems Often Hidden under the Busyness of Traditional Ministry Myth: All Pastors Must Lead Cell Groups Truth: Not All Pastors Will Lead a Cell Group. Avoid Cell Church Legalism Myth: If You Fail, Try Something Else Truth: Failing Will Lead You to Discover What Works Best in Your Context

CHAPTER 5: CELL FOCUS MYTHS AND TRUTHS Myth: The Cell Church Is All about the Cell Truth: The Goal of the Cell Church Is to Make Disciples Myth: View Everyone in the Church as a Leader Truth: Everyone Should Be a Disciple-Maker

CHAPTER 6: CELL GROUP MYTHS AND TRUTHS Myth: Cells Are an Extension of the Sunday Service Truth: The Cell Is the Church Myth: Cells Should Encompass All Small Groups Truth: Start with a Quality Cell Definition Myth: All Groups Must be Homogeneous Truth: Allow Homogeneity to Naturally Develop as Cells Multiply Myth: One Person Should Be the Designated Host Truth: A Shared Hosting Arrangement Is Often the Best Option Myth: Asking Everyone to Be in a Cell Stifles the Use of Spiritual Gifts Truth: The Cell Group is the Best Place to Discover Spiritual Gifts

CHAPTER 7: COMMUNITY MYTHS AND TRUTHS Myth: Cells Are Only about Community Truth: Cells Emphasize Community, Evangelism and Multiplication Myth: The Cell Meeting Will Meet All the Needs Truth: The Cell Meeting Is Only One Aspect of Community Life

CHAPTER 8: EVANGELISM MYTHS AND TRUTHS Myth: The Focus of the Cell is Entirely Evangelistic Truth: Effective Cells Need a Strong Core of Believers Myth: Evangelism in the Cell Church Is Only Relational Truth: Don't Limit Yourself to One Evangelistic Method Myth: If the Cell Emphasizes Evangelism and Multiplication, It Won't Grow in Community Truth: Evangelism that Leads to Multiplication Enhances the Community in the Group

CHAPTER 9: MULTIPLICATION MYTHS AND TRUTHS Myth: All Cells Must Multiply within Six Months Truth: Multiplication Rates Depend on Receptivity Levels Myth: Shut Down a Cell Group That Has Not Multiplied within One Year Truth: Keep Working with Cell Groups That Are Not Growing Myth: A Cell Multiplies When It Reaches Fifteen People Truth: Cells Multiply When a Disciple-Maker is Ready to Lead the New Group Myth: When God Wants the Cell to Multiply It Will Do So Naturally Truth: It's Best to Make Clear Plans for Multiplication Myth: Multiplication Destroys the Relationships in the Group Truth: Relationships Can Be Maintained after Multiplication

CHAPTER 10: COACHING MYTHS AND TRUTHS Myth: Finding the Right Coaching Model Is the Key to Success Truth: The Relationship between the Coach and the Coachee Is More Important Than the Structure Myth: Coaches Only Listen and Ask Questions Truth: The Coach Seeks to Equip the Group Leader with Whatever It Takes

CHAPTER 11: TRANSITION MYTHS AND TRUTHS Myth: Get Rid of the Programs Right Away Truth: Wait until You Have Enough Cells to Cut Out Programs Myth: Jump into Cell Church Immediately Truth: It's Best to Have a Long Term Transition Plan Myth: You Must Start the Transition with One Prototype Truth: There are Various Ways to Transition

CHAPTER 12: CHURCH PLANTING MYTHS AND TRUTHS Myth: The Focus Should Be on the Success of a Singular Church Truth: Planting New Smaller Cell Churches Is Desirable Myth: The Church Starts When the Celebration Service Starts Truth: The Church Starts When the First Cell Begins Myth: Open the Celebration Service as Soon as Possible Truth: Wait until There Are Enough People in Cells to Start Weekly Celebration Services Myth: You Must Start a Weekly Celebration Service Truth: Some Cell Churches Will Never Meet Weekly in Celebration